Cell Phone Repair – at a Glance

  • 90 Day Warranty.

    Work done right the first time. We Provide a 90 day warranty on all our phone repair services.


  • Fast Service.

    Most work on phones is done within 30 min to 1 hour, You can even wait if you like.


  • Low Price Guarantee.

    We are always honest and only repair what needs to be fixed. Our rates are competitive.


    • Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

      We can repair your cracked iPhone screen glass. We will replace your glass with a new one good as new.

    • Cracked iPhone LCD Repair

      We can repair your LCD screen if it happen to get cracked along with your glass.

    • Broken iPhone Home Button

      We can fix your Home button on your iPhone if it stops working.

    • Broken iPhone Volume Buttons

      Did your volume buttons stop working?  We can replace the button and get you back up and running.

    • Broken iPhone Camera

      Is your camera blurry? We can replace your iPhone broken camera when it breaks.

    • Broken iPhone Charging Port

      did your phone stop charging?  We have all the parts in stock to replace your charging port.