Mal-ware Spy-ware Ad-ware Ransom-ware Virus Removal

  • 100%
    Infected Items Removed
  • 10+
    Removal Programs Used
  • $160.00+
    Average Cost
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    Customer Satisfaction
  • Mal-ware Spy-ware Ad-ware Ransom-ware Virus Removal

    When your computer is not running right you may be infected.   It make be Mal-ware that causes software damage. It could be Spy-ware that logs what you do and where you go on the internet and send that information to a 3rd party. What about Ad-ware, that is designed to integrate into your computer and display ads tailored to you. Or possibly ransom-ware that is designed to take over your computer and try in some way to get money from you to unlock it.

    Most of the above listed infections will not be found by most ” VIRUS ” scanners because they are not virus’s by definition. A virus is designed to replicate itself and try to send it self out to infect more computers. Some virus can do data and software damage.

  • We Can Kill The Virus and Stop The Mal-Ware Infections.

    These malicious programs can really cause a computer to slow down. When we clean a computer we use a assortment of software to remove any and all infections. We run every programs two or more times until the program shows zero infections. In the last 10 years the known infections has increased from 2000 known issues to 900,000 known issues.  Your computer will seem like new when you get it back.