How We Work

Error Computer Repair is here to provide you with professional top rated support.   We only care about saving your data and fixing your computer.  Error-Cr wants to make sure that you are happy with our service and continue to use us for years to come. Error Computer Repair takes pride in our work and it really shows in our customer service.  With over 15 years of computer repair service we are confident we can solve your computer issues.

Our Core Values

    • Secure the Data

      Error Computer Repair knows how important your data is.  We take every step we can to insure your data is safe and secure. Error-Cr makes every attempt to repair your computer with no data loss to you.

    • Lead by Example

      We never replace parts that don’t need to be replaced. We only do work that needs to be done. By being honest in our work you will use us and refer us to your friends and family.

    • Focus on the Future

      We are always keeping up with the changing technology so we can bring you the best solution to your issues. Keeping you up and running is our mission.

    • Be Respectful

      We never ” Browse ” your personal data. You never have to worry about us reading your documents, looking at your pictures, or viewing your videos. We understand that your data is private and make ever effort to make sure it is secure.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      We know you have a lot of companies to chose from to fix your computer. In our experience the general mass of people are not happy with their computer repair service center and are looking for something better. We are better.

    • Strive for Excellence

      We don’t use a Format & reload as a method to fix computers.  We fix the issue and use a reload as a last option. By doing hours of research and continuing to ” fix the issue ” we are able to excel at solving computer problems in no time.


What else can we do to convince you?